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Wednesday Park Day Meetups

SBHN Park Day meetings are held
at rotating parks in the South Bay.

To find the name of the park we are meeting at this week, click on this link to join our


Once you are added to the group, you can find a list of the parks we are meeting at in the pinned post at the top of the group page. You can also click on the events tab to find each park day listed. Parks for Park Day are chosen and posted monthly by a park day host. 

Families are welcome to stop by the park for play starting at about 1pm until 4pm (often even later). No RSVP required. We sit in a loose mob near the playground and are usually easy to find because we are the largest group there. We suggest you bring a picnic blanket or chair along with snacks and water for your family.

SBHN is an inclusive network, which means EVERYONE is welcome! We all come together at the park and online because we have homeschooling in common. From the network, you can find friends with similar interests or children of similar ages to form your own homeschool community.

If you are new, please introduce yourself so we can welcome you!

When requesting to join our SBHN Facebook group, we will send you a PM to make sure you are a homeschooler living in the area. You may need to check your "other" Facebook mailbox for correspondence from us before you are added.